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A Little Help From My Friends In My Life

American Idol saluted these guys last night.  The contestants sang songs written by The Beatles…those magical song masters from our youth…they penned the tunes to which we  fell in love, fell out of love, lost love, found love, and learned the meaning of love.

One of the contestants Kree Harrison sang “A little Help From My Friends.” Her rendition brought tears to my eyes. Of course, that’s not saying much…I’m a sentimental romantic; but the words reminded me of how long we’ve been at this. I heard the Fab Four from England for the first time over 50 years ago. Dean Bussey and I sat in her room and listened to our 45 RPM’s hour after hour after hour. Flashing back made me wonder where those hours after hours after hours have gone.

“They haven’t gone anywhere,” said a silent voice.

Here’s to those hours and the ones who filled them.

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