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Make Up Your Minds

There are times I simply cannot help but point it out.

For the past 20 years, we have watched politicians fall from grace because their secret, private lives became public. Folks got caught doing what folks have been doing since the dawn of creation. The difference this go ’round, however, is that other folks found out and did not hesitate making it public knowledge; and the resulting smut-firing and mud-slinging have clogged the air waves and distracted us from far more important things.

The ridiculous fact, bordering on stupid, however, is that folks who get caught continue to whine, “What I do in my personal and private life is my personal and private life with those individuals.” That is what those of us who truly support a premise of personal liberties believe. That is the campaign waged by those of us who want no government intrusion into our personal decisions. That is what those of us who believe in “freedom for all, regardless” believe. Oddly enough, however, that is the line drawn in the sand between the social conservatives and the rest of the world…those who are hell-bent on government intruding on personal decisions tell us personal lives are fair game…until…

…until they get caught, as Herman Cain’s attorney alluded when he defended his client from being judged by “public opinion”… where have you been, bro’?…then the line gets moved.

Again, let me assert, I don’t give a flying you-know-what (I do not cuss here because I know my late Mama would have a fit – although I want to do so very badly) about Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, the sheriff from Arizona, Bill Clinton or anybody else’s private habits; HOWEVER, you cannot have it both ways. You cannot infiltrate others’ spaces and keep yours closed. Game over. Make up your minds.

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