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Monday Morning One-Liners

Morning shot

Morning view.

1. We do not choose our DNA.

2. Our social budget has a surplus of deceit and a deficit of honesty.

3. If children do not show positive behavior but are still rewarded with whatever they desire, guess what?

4. As we get older, we get more so (my Mama’s saying).

5. I don’t understand how middle-aged men can tell a young woman how she should deal with her pregnancy anymore than she can tell them how to tame their other brain.

6. If your childhood was completely void of parental support, love, and guidance, where would you be today? (Refer to #1).

7. Passing judgment on how someone else handles what life has thrown at them is a dangerous game — you can wind up getting hit by the same ball.

8. We are mechanizing our natural instincts into extinction.

9. Don’t worry about something or someone you cannot fix.

10. The measure of a man is the size of the thing it takes to get his goat (my Mama again).

How big is your goat?

How big is your goat?

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