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Nature Over Words Today.

The words in my heart weep.

And the sadness is fueled by anger…anger that we do so little about so much, fear what we don’t understand, condemn those who are different and blame the poor for being poor.

I could lash out but that would merely drive the angry dialogue. I could make a clear, concise argument for how we, as people, should change. But that only happens if individuals choose to evolve.

At a loss for words, I opted to share photos from this week…pictures of this beautiful world around me.

Maybe we can all stop long enough to listen to nature’s silence.

And gain some of the peace that is inherent in our world.

   Sunless days upon sunless days.

fall oct 2015

Pumpkins in the rain.

      Cloud bank clearing.

oct 15 there is a sun after all

There is a sun after all.

   Late afternoon shadows.

     October orbs.

oct 2015 sunrise after rain

Sunrise over the mountain.

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