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The Tanner Side of Town

Available now in hardback & paperback

Lucy Tanner walked down the hall and out the front door. She felt a shift – not only in the seasons but in life, too. She read in the paper yesterday that the United States had officially entered a war in Southeast Asia. A Catholic was running for president, and a new drug was on the market – the birth control pill. Change was coming, and she wanted to be a part of it – not a bystander.”


The Tanner Side of Town

The reason to head to The Tanner Side of Town is that there are both delightful and obnoxious people there who strive to be at peace or wreak havoc, depending.


Seeing who triumphs in this small southern town tale is a satisfying read.

My favorite book genre is Historical Fiction and found this book fascinating. When you live in a small town, everyone's business is on full display.


This book demoxn2xastrates what can be accomplished when people work together, the strength to do the right thing, to overcome diversity and corruption.

Tom Barnes,

Pam's novel was a great read; hard to put down! It spoke to me of the importance of protecting the things one can not put a price tag on; home, family and relationships.

Tamara Pierce,
Licensed Realtor

The Tanner Side of Town is a poignant glimpse into the lives of several women whose paths intersect during the dawn of
a new era in the early 1960’s. This book captures the spirit of Lucy Tanner, who boldly confronts the cultural norms of
rural Georgia.


Viewing life from a different perspective presents challenges that can be daunting, and the story serves as a reminder that we all have personal strength if we choose to. This is a story about the many facets of love, life and the ability to overcome.

Jane McCoy,
Freelance editor and gardener

A masterfully written novel in which the voices are rich with courage and compassion. They speak plainly of greed, racism and sexism running rampant in a small southern town. Avery leaves the reader with a longing for front porch sitting, warm breezes, a cool lemonade.....and just another page.

Alice Wade

“The Tanner side of town was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. I look forward to the sequel.

Brigitte Cutshall,
Solutions Consultant and Founder of Gemini Media

A relevant, grassroots, Southern American Gothic novel. Set in the early 1960s in rural Georgia, this novel encompasses social mores demanded of women, race inequity, and environmental hurdles...issues persisting to this day.

YeeeHA for the sheros of this story!

Amy Skinner,
Lover of things written and retired educator

Pam Avery marshals on the deep experience of her active and multifaceted life to spin a story of courage vs. corruption and love vs. loss, while keeping us turning the pages and rooting for the good guys.

Pete McCommons,
Co-Publisher Flagpole Magazine in Athens

Through the engrossing and
fast-paced saga of the Tanners, Pam fosters an examination of the universal good, bad, and ugly often inherent in human nature.


The story is one of determination and redemption which drips with life as familiar to true Southerners as iced tea. Pam has exquisitely and skillfully crafted interesting and complex characters who pique our compassion, angst, and empathy. I was sad to“leave them” when the book ended. Kudos!

Betsy Adams Dyches,
Former K-12 English Language Arts Coordinator; Owner/Consultant of Dyches Educational Services

Georgia Hale,
Birmingham Alabama


About the Book

It was 1960, and the conflict between then and now impacted even “The Tanner Side of Town,” located in the North Georgia mountains, which was once the heart of the great Cherokee Nation.


A proposed iron ore mine threatened the agrarian livelihood of every landowner who lived on the Valley Road – including the Tanners – Luke and his wife, Genevieve, and their daughter Lucy and her son, Hank…not to mention that the serenity of the Ridge’s virgin forests would forever be lost. Fueled by Jack Cooper’s greed and disregard of others, the controversy set into motion a string of events that upended the community and reshaped lives forever.

Never shrinking from protecting what was her family’s, Lucy fought the Cooper force that had always controlled Kings County. After Hunter Fox, a flame from her past, reentered Lucy’s life, love – which she had sworn never to do again – put another kink in the life she struggled to understand.


Add to the mix her family’s unconventional African-American business partner, Nettie Andrews, whose timid examination into a sordid past could potentially open the door to to unanswered questions, and the result is a riveting story about life in the South on the cusp of perhaps the most monumental cultural and social change in our country’s history.

“The Tanner Side of Town” is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, rejoice, mourn, and, hopefully, rekindle your hope for a new and better day.

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