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An Ode to Comfort this Love Month

North Georgia creek

North Georgia creek

COMFORT: Where is it found?

Webster’s defines the enviable state as being “free from worry, pain, or trouble.” It is what we humans seek from the time we are born until we die. Having it brings joy; losing it causes pain; and searching for it creates anxiousness.

We look for comfort all the time and everywhere. If you don’t believe me, do a simple poll of the ads you see, hear, and/or read in one hour. How many are related to finding love, finding the perfect diet, or finding a miracle drug that can produce both?!?

But the secret is this: comfort comes from the inside. It’s a feeling we get when things are good. Cube steak, macaroni and cheese, baked sweet potatoes, and turnip greens taste like comfort. A nuzzle from  our pup feels like comfort. Hearing “I love you” sounds like comfort.

My love month wish is that we will discover comfort as much as we can — right there inside ourselves; and once we find it, that we will share it with those we love and with those we encounter daily.

Here’s my own ode to comfort penned a very long time ago.


When God spoke to me, I did not hear a sound But the water washing clean The creek bed ground. When God spoke to me, There was no one in sight But I felt a presence In a shaft of sunlight That dried my tears, Warmed my heart, And reached down deep To the darkest part Of my sleeping soul that awoke to hear “I am God and forever near.” When God spoke to me, I did not hear a sound. But the water washing clean The creek bed ground.

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