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Blogging Is Like Love…

…’cause when you feel it, you gotta pass it on for it to work.

Sharing the love is strategic to the entire blogging process, and if you will notice, there are links embedded in these posts which allow you to access other articles, sites, etc. Click on them and discover yet another layer of information and insight into what is on my mind. Here’s one my friend Chuck Searcy sent me the other day in an e-mail. “Peter, remember, did cartoons for us at the Observer for a couple of years, before he hit the big time with The New Yorker and other publications.”

I worked with Chuck,  Pete McCommons , and Don Nelson at The Observer in the early 70’s – an opportunity I consider one of the most beneficial I have ever had. It was when the revitalization of Downtown Athens began, and it was a retailing, marketing haven – even though we were in a recession and businesses were struggling. It was a fabulous time because a less than stellar retail area found new life in the experiments of  a vibrant group of young entrepreneurs, who, according to the experts, shouldn’t have been going into business. In their youthful impetuousness, however, they pursued their dreams; and it worked.

Now for the hard stuff.

I follow politics, and that is not a secret among my readers, family, and friends. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Presidential Primary is right up there with American Idol in my favorites list. (Once again, thanks kids for the DVR – Idol and the Arizona Debate come on at the same time tonight). Furthermore, it is no surprise that I find Rick Santorum’s recent time in the media spotlight a good read. It always astounds me how politicians can make it as far as he has, continue to say controversial things, and then get all “I can’t believe you guys reported on what I said.” The ensuing eye-rolling that this attitude causes, however, is not reserved for those of us who have a tendency to prefer the color blue to red. There are conservative bloggers like Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, who also find his behavior a bit off targetHer assessment is excellent.

That said, try to pass on something good today. Share what you know and you’ll probably get something back; but don’t make Mr. Santorum’s mistake and hide in the locker room after halftime. ‘Cause once you put it out there, it’s open season.

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