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Business is Business

I am confused.

As a small business owner, I welcome folks with money who want to spend it in our store. That is why we open the doors in the morning. In the past 40 years, I have only walked away from customers twice: both times, the men I dismissed were drunk, loud, obnoxious, and belligerent.

Other than those two incidents, I have welcomed anybody with money to spend and time to kill. It is the only way I know to stay in business — unless, of course, someone needs a legitimate storefront and pumps cash into yours.

So, I am confused.

Why would lawmakers and business owners actually want a law that would allow them to refuse business? Are you guys trying to win a stupid award?

Refusing business is like buying an iPhone and throwing it away…less than a smart thing to do.

Now, before some of you get all puffed up about freedom of speech and religion, I’m not saying you can’t wear your t-shirt of choice and loathe whomever you choose to loathe. I’m saying that if you want to discriminate against gays, lesbians, or anybody else, then open a private business. That’s what entrepreneurs — who want to pick and choose their patrons — do.

And good luck with that one.

If want to know how your neighborhood country club is faring, go see how many folks are eating there on a Saturday night.

It is true that the humanitarian aspect of discrimination boils my blood…always has. I despise hate.

But I am convinced this movement to have a public, commercial display of private beliefs will take care of itself. Those of us who object on moral grounds won’t have to stage too many protests.

Because when you refuse business, you won’t be in business very long. 

This bump in the road of social and intellectual evolution will smooth itself out. After all, evolution is the survival of the fittest.

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