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Cruisin’ the Town, Lookin’ for a Light

Leave it up to Mick and the boys – they do have a way with words.

But they are right you know – we do spend an inordinate amount of time looking for and struggling to acquire what we think we want.

Inevitably, however, once we grasp the golden chalice, the allure fades and we move on… …to the next thing or situation we think we must have.

And often, what we think we want turns out to be a curse, and that which we have needed all along has been patiently waiting in the wings.

Some of us figure it out and some of us do not.

But regardless, the search goes on…

The Search

Cruisin’ the town,

Lookin’ for a light,

            a rock, a roll, a reason I might

Feel the rhyme or find the way,

            listen to lies and try to say,

“I love you” when love is not the thing

            that wanders the streets and waits to sing

            the empty words of the same old song

            that leaves a trail, dark and long,

Winding back to the sultry night,

            as the players continue their furious plight –

Cruisin’ the town,

Lookin’ for a light,

            a rock, a roll, a reason they might

Feel the rhyme and find the way,

Back to the words

            they need to say.

 Pam Avery…August, 1994.

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