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Eat Chocolate, Stay Skinny, and Fresh Strawberries

This report will make all chocolate lovers do the dance of joy, and the good news came just in time for the Easter Bunny, too. Researchers have found that folks who eat chocolate five times a week and work out at least three times a week had a lower BMI (body mass index). YAHOO!!!! As with every report and/or article we read and/or hear, however, it is important to read and listen to the account in its entirety. There is always more to a story than a headline…

…for instance, reconsider the link I posted in last Thursday’s blog. In the interview, Senator Santorum made several comments alluding to the fact that conservatives did not want someone to manage the economy nor did they equate running a business with being President of the United States. Several folks thought he was criticizing our Commander-in-Chief, very loyally came to the senator’s defense, supported his position, and expressed their own negative opinions about the current administration. (Which is perfectly fine: I love receiving comments. It means someone is reading this blog and if this blog is not read, it is useless.) The official winner of the first S.C.O.W (Stupid Comment of the Week) Award, however, was not talking about President Obama: he was criticizing Governor Romney’s credentials and defining why he wasn’t a true conservative…just clarifying things.


Feast your eyes on what is growing just down the road from Jones Crossroads:

The strawberries are ready at Southern Cross Farms. Of course, if you don’t live around here or plan on visiting anytime soon, you’ll miss out – and that is too bad, ’cause let me tell you, these berries are something else. They are real strawberries. Southern Cross will be open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday this week. WEATHER AND STRAWBERRY AVAILABILITY PERMITTING! Call to confirm at 706-615-2081. I’m going to ring them up, put on my boots and go grab a basket full as soon as I finish this note to y’all.


 The S&P 500 closed higher yesterday than it has in four years. Although it is only one indicator, I will say that traffic at The Crossroads Store was like it was before the bottom fell out and sales were excellent over the weekend…and not one second too soon either. Mr. Ralph is not in an amiable mood when sales are flat. In fact, there have been a couple of times lately that he has needed a good “whoopin'”, as my grandmother, Lois Avery, very aptly referred to corporal punishment…and she only had to give me one of those.

I was very young, probably around three, and I sat with Granny Lois during Sunday School at Union Baptist Church.

(…but you know what, that is a story for another day. Must go pick some strawberries now.)

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