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I Just Don’t Get It…

…the compulsion to fight, tear down, and divide that is.

It’s been happening for a long time. From the late Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority to Rush Limbaugh’s rants the Birthers, and the Tea Party, we have been an audience to a great American tragedy.  We have witnessed a conspiracy to divide our country in the name of God, liberty, and freedom. People with an agenda to obstruct have achieved their goal — all with the help of folks who have been led down a dangerous path.

I am not naive. I know — contrary to the belief of those who equate being American with being Anglo-Saxon — that we are a melting pot…not only of cultures but also of ideas. We the people have different opinions and, therefore, our elected officials do. But just as partners in a REAL relationship must agree to disagree, work together to find common ground, and respect one another’s opinion, so must our politicians do the same.

And the bottom line is that because of the political tactics of a few, many have and will continue to suffer.

I hear nothing but fault-finding and I see nothing but obstinacy.

Disagreement is good if it leads to compromise. But disagreement for the sake of disagreeing is lethal.

I now walk away from those who choose to participate in this negative behavior — whether friend or family. It is destructive and counter-productive. It is a total waste of time.

I urge those of you who agree to do the same.

Participate in the positive, fight for improvement, and reach for unity.

Shut out negativity, refuse to recognize divisive behavior, and ignore those who seek to destroy.

If you want to discuss ways to make things better, I will acknowledge what you say. Otherwise, I will not.

Because I learned a long time ago that the best way to end a worthless conversation is to stop talking.

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