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I’ve Been Bad — Very Bad

I’ve been bad — very bad.

I haven’t posted on my blog since I wrote this  seven months ago.

There are no reasons — only excuses. So I’ll spare you.

The blog post was about a ceremony for Austin Callaway — a young African-American man who was lynched in Troup County, Ga., in 1940. The occasion which honored him was held at Warren Temple United Methodist Church in LaGrange. It was uplifting, inspiring and unifying.

We were into the first 30 days of a new administration and I sure needed some lifting up.

And now, here we are — many of us feeling more despondent than ever about the level of hate and prejudice in our country. So I’m going to take up where I left off in January.

But I am not naive. And I know I can’t do anything about the following:

  1. Steve Bannon and Steve Bannon look-alikes:

  2. They are here, they’ve always been here, and, unfortunately, their sorry asses aren’t going anywhere.

  3. The angry, violent men and women in the Charlottesville video footage:

  4. Because they worship the likes of Steve Bannon.

  5. The folks who outwardly AND inwardly hate those of different races, genders, religions, and social strata.

  6. Because they worship the likes of Steve Bannon.

And as we all know, folks are free to worship whomever they choose.

But I am determined and I can do the following:

  1. I will never waver from this message that there is nothing superior about white supremacy. It is an ignorant, hate-based movement that is the antithesis to what is touted as true Christianity.

  2. I will also find a way to put words into action…

…which is something I’m going to tell you about in my next post.

I’m going to talk about trust-building — a critical component to all relationships — whether in personal, business, or community settings — and how you can get involved.

So if you believe everyone deserves a chance to sit at the table, you might find the next installment interesting.

Until then, beware of the Steve Bannons.

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