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Joanna’s Request

It’s the morning after.

And that phrase has many connotations.

I am referring, however, to the morning after the end to a very long, often divisive and hostile Presidential campaign. Whether your team won or not, I would like to share Joanna’s request with you:

Joanna is one of my daughter’s best friends and from Ohio…Yankee and proud (I mean this not in a disparaging way at all – some of my best friends are Yankees). She and Sage met at the University of Georgia while enrolled in the School of Social Work graduate program. She was also a bridesmaid in

 Sage’s and Alex’s October wedding.

She represents a voice that many of us echo today: we are not red and we are not blue; we are the United States of America.

And if you dig your heels in like a bad stepchild and refuse to come together for the betterment of our country, we’ll have to spank you and send you to bed (that phrase is courtesy of Jane – another Yankee friend).

Thanks Joanna.

Hopefully us old folks can get it together and come together.

Up with the red, white, and blue.

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