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Lake Painting

…a little lake poetry to help you maneuver the venomous, political waters that surround us.

Lake Painting

The pre-dawn fog colored the watery landscape silver-grey…

…a backdrop for the dark, bare trees as graceful as the strokes on an ancient Japanese painting.

Their branches bulged with impregnated pods,

And shiny black birds illuminated the mist, soaring toward the canvas’ edge.

Lake painting

A coral ribbon shimmered above the Western horizon,

Signaling the entrance of a giant orb in the East.

Within minutes, the scene morphed into a Monet motif…

…soft blues that melted into the subtle greens of pines and cedars which threw their images on the water’s surface.

And then its life was gone – nature’s masterpiece that lasts only minutes, but, like love,       lives in our hearts for eternity.


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