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Laying It On The Line ‘Bout You

I had planned to “Lay It On The Line ‘Bout Love” today, because y’all know I can do that – I’ve been on that journey in several different lives, shapes, and forms. I admit I can’t tell you the top ten things you need to do to succeed in love like some folks can, but I certainly can rattle off a list of a few things you shouldn’t do if you’re looking for a successful love adventure.

Yes, love was going to be the topic until I sent out an e-mail and Facebook notice yesterday, explaining my intentions to enter the blogosphere.

And then you started replying and commenting, and Lord have mercy, I have to hand it to youyou are the new press indeed…just like the blogging experts say you are: “Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one, and now, because we have the Web, anyone can own one. The press is us.”

Doesn’t that make you proud? It should and it should also make you feel inspired, because communication is what makes us better human beings. The more we talk and listen, the more we understand, and the more we understand, the smarter we get…and that is what this blogging thing is all about…throwing it out there and getting it back.

So, please, talk to me. Share what you’re reading and hearing; express what you think. Tell me the stories you want to hear. Enlighten us with history you know and insight you have.

But before I leave you on this Valentine’s Day, I want to share this little clip with you. John Mayer lays it on the line ’bout that love thing…it’s a perfect description of what the bug can do to you.

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