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Mapping It Out

Greetings from Jones Crossroads, Georgia, situated less than 10 miles from the mighty Chattahoochee River and the western border of our fair state.

This handy map I put together with the help of Google maps  gives a better perspective  of the lay of the land around the Crossroads and Pine Mountain. (Click on “view larger map” option to see the entire picture.)

The Crossroads is about 12 miles from Pine Mountain proper and is actually located in Troup County: the Harris/Troup county line runs through the front porch of the store.

For a rural area, Harris County/Pine Mountain has quite a bit to offer folks looking for a get away to an area that has kept development at bay, even though the big “D” swirls around us…a $1.2 billion automaker is located on 2,200 acres of land a mere 10 miles from the store.

Each month there are approximately 2-3,000 walk-in visitors to the Pine Mountain Tourism Center alone, not to mention the numbers who never make it into town from the Pine Mountain Trail or The Little White House in nearby Warm Springs (Meriwether County).

It’s peak blooming time these days, and the visitors longing for nature are as plentiful as the pollen. Check us out should your wander lust bring you this way.

Next on the list, which will be posted on Thursday (taking a break on Wednesdays until I finish a research paper for Dr. Brody at The University of Memphis):

                          …Bob Dylan released “The Times They Are A-Changing in 1964.” I was 13 years old and fortunate enough to have a summer job at Callaway Gardens as a junior counselor with the Florida State University Circus…I thought I was a “jewel” (means the same as “the bomb”). My mother drove me to work every morning and she and I had an interesting exchange one fine August day regarding said song…

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