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Maybe Your Socks Are Too Damn Tight

Love hurts. It stinks. I’m better off without it. Done. No more for me.

Sound like bitterness?

Maybe. But it could be survival.

Because the best way to remedy a situation that feels like drowning is to swim.

And surviving a breakup is like sinking into a black hole filled with water and swimming with all your might to reach the surface again.

But. Remember this:

You simply cannot mourn the loss of something you never had.

So before you ruin your pillowcase with mascara stains, think about it rationally.

If it was true love you experienced, the object of your affection would have showered you with roses and champagne instead of making a delivery of whatever to someone else.

As soon as you come to grips with that fact, your sadness will change to anger.

But, beware.

Prison is not worth it.

In a matter of time, your anger will change to cynical indifference.

And the way to get to that point is with humor.

As with everything else, laughter can help even the saddest of hearts.

Consider the story a friend of mine told me about her recent break-up.

Her ex told her that he was “looking for a woman to knock his socks off and that it just didn’t happen with her.”

She said she felt like a knife had pierced her heart instead of Cupid’s arrow. But she tried to maintain her composure, stood up, stared him squarely in the eyes and answered: “Then maybe she shouldn’t wear your socks so damn tight.”

If someone can’t see your worth, kick ’em to the curb. That’s their problem. Not yours.

Because if it’s true love, it’s there no matter what.

And that means when the socks are on and off.

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