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Orange Crush Makes A Mess…And I’m Not Talkin’ About The Drink

Google Trends  was our assignment for JRL7330 this week…that’s my Social Media Theory and Application class. So I log on to see what’s shaking and what topic would fit this blog, and…

…Alas, alack: as I perused the topics, nothing snagged my attention. I’ll not waste any ink on Ted Nugent and I have no desire to write about John Edwards’ story of heartbreak and heartache. Heartbreak and heartache are topics I’m saving for a novel (I am sure there are more than several people who will be quite nervous when that comes out…hehe). Then “Orange Crush” caught my eye. I clicked on it out of curiosity and found this:

I searched a little more and found this.

And the most pathetic thing about this event is that it occurred on Earth Day. The other truly pathetic thing is that the “Orange Crush” followers don’t understand why they are not welcomed with open arms on Tybee…DUH.

My first reaction was to rip into the celebrants – which I did in the first draft. Actually, I ripped into their parents and their parents’ parents for not teaching manners and respect; but how many times have we belabored that thesis?

Then I heard a news anchor last night pose this question regarding the Secret Service scandal: “Lawmakers want to know if this is a problem throughout the culture of the Secret Service.”

No, dear: this is indicative of a cultural problem throughout the culture of the United States. No respect is no respect – wherever it exists – Colombia, Tybee Island, NYC, LA, San Fran, Washington D.C. – doesn’t matter.

But I’ve written volumes on that subject, too.

Then it hit me: why not take the high road? Why not talk about how fortunate we are to have folks like Tony Abruzzio and the unnamed tourists who spent their Sunday morning cleaning up after the party-goers? Why not shed light on the fact that although there are scores of people who respect no one and nothing, there are still those among us who do? ‘Tis true I could deliver a blistering essay on how we give our children everything they want and nothing they need. I could rant and rave, but so what?

I prefer to complement Tony Abruzzio. I prefer to say “let’s follow his example.”

Let’s leave the finger-pointing to the politicians (that’s all they do: point fingers but never offer a solution). Instead, let’s roll up our sleeves and do something about what bugs us. That is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

Got a problem?…then try to fix it.

If we want to change the Google Trends, then we better change ourselves.

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