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Phaedra and Favorites

I watch all the “Real Housewives” series on Bravo.

There, I said it. Now you know. No more secrets around here.

And presently, the ladies of Atlanta are entertaining us whilst they romp upon the Serengeti in South Africa – complete with high fashion, high heels, and champagne…I love it.

Last night I watched the episode that aired Sunday evening – (thanks Charlie for teaching me how to use the DVR – I am the master of the remote now). Phaedra Parks,  a UGA Law School grad I might add, laid it on the line regarding the potential furor that was brewing between the warring camps of high-strung socialites…”I rebuke the devil,” she said with a thick, well-honed Southern accent, and looked sideways with her beautiful doe-eyes as if she saw Satan himself sitting next to her in the Safari-mobile.

Therefore, whether you are a believer or not: rebuke the devil and avoid stepping in it.

On favorites…If you are a parent and have a favorite when it comes to your children, keep it to yourself. The kid that isn’t a favorite knows.

Another favorite…The message I received from Al after he read yesterday’s blog. Al and I have known one another since 1975. He was one of my business partners when we owned “Sparky’s” – a seafood restaurant in Athens, GA. He has watched me grow, fall, get back up, and keep going. His telling me, “you have a good voice”, brought tears to my eyes; but the rest of his message is the most important and warrants passing on to you:

“I read something last year that Pat Conroy wrote about his reading life, and these are the words he wrote that I  want to share with you: ‘Here is what I want from a book, what I demand, what I pray for when I take up a novel and begin to read the first sentence: I want everything and nothing less, the full measure of a writer’s heart.’ Now I know you are writing a blog and not a full tilt Pat Conroy novel, but the heart is a fine place to start. I want everything and nothing less. Wish it was that damn simple.”

Me, too, Al…me, too.

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