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Spring Break and Bluebirds

Here’s a picture of my alter ego kicking up some sand and playing in the surf next week, whilst enjoying myself on Spring Break…

I found this shot on a site that features photos of Spring Break, but I’m not going to link you. If you want to check it out, just search “Spring Break photos” for yourself…quite different from when we played in the sand long, long ago…quite different.  And if you visit any of the numerous Spring Break photo sites, you will notice, there are no pics of senior citizen students on Spring Break – which is why I chose the photo of the horse and why senior citizen students do not go on Spring Break – at least to the places where their classmates go.

Now about bluebirds…

Did you know that “Eastern Bluebirds are a conservation success story?” According to the Audubon Society, after folks began adding “nesting boxes to their landscapes, these bright blue and orange birds, considered very rare fifty years ago, are now found throughout the eastern U.S.” There have been organized efforts throughout the U.S. to bring the species back and there is even a North American Bluebird Society that has – get this – a Facebook page. The latter site is a wonderful place to see shots regular bird watchers take in their backyards. And if you’re lucky enough to capture one on film, you can share it with the rest of the bluebird friends.

Why this emphasis on bluebirds, you might ask? The first reason is that I love seeing them: they personify happiness and I have a small community of the lovely creatures living at the Crossroads. The most important explanation, however, for the attention given this beautiful stroke of color that can fly is that the reemergence of the bluebird is an example of a gentle nature surviving – and I love it when gentility wins over boorish behavior…I applaud loudly when the quiet defender trumps the angry aggressor. I turn off the television when the politicians turn red and begin erupting (or throwing up as Rick Santorum says he does) and I avoid confrontation if at all possible. Yes, indeed, the bluebirds are making a strong comeback, and I love it.

And you thought I couldn’t turn bluebirds into politics? Oh ye of little faith…

…See you guys after Spring Break.

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