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Stand with Charlie — Stand Up for Georgia.

Charlie Bailey has been talking for a long time — about 34 years to be exact — since he was about a year old.

And, as his mama, I’ve heard him do a lot of  that talking.

But now, I’m really listening to what he’s saying about why he is running for attorney general here in his home state.

I hear him tout his qualifications of being a senior gang prosecutor in Fulton County and why that is so important to his ability to fight the war against organized crime in Georgia.

I hear him speak about the opioid epidemic here and how nothing is being done by the current AG to thwart this deadly tsunami. I hear him promise not only to sue the pharmaceutical companies who marketed the poison but also to build addiction treatment centers across the state.

I hear him talk about how over four million Georgians with pre-existing conditions could lose their health insurance because Chris Carr (Georgia’s figurehead top prosecutor now) has joined other AG’s across the nation in bringing suit against the Affordable Care Act.

But most importantly, I hear him tell his listeners that if they are tired of elected officials who care more about their pocketbooks than the welfare of Georgians, they now have a candidate who is an authentic people’s candidate. 

If deep pocket donors control the vote, do you really believe the politician they buy gives a hoot about you?

If a candidate takes large sums of money from cable companies and pharmaceutical companies, do you really believe that politician is going to fight those entities if they take advantage of Georgians?

If a candidate determines his talking points because someone in Washington tells him what to say, is that politician acting on behalf of his constituents?

The answer to all of those questions is unequivocally, “No.”

Charlie’s donor list is made up of people like you.

Over 1,200 folks have dug deep and contributed to the cause, with the average donation being about $300.

This, my friends, is truly a grassroots campaign.

This, my friends, is how we the people take back our government and our state from corruption and greed.

Charlie is in this race because he knows he can make a difference in the lives of everyday Georgians. He is in this race because he knows the attorney general is the one elected official in Georgia who can stand between us and the outside forces who seek to make money at the expense of everyday people.

And I can promise you that Charlie is fiercely independent and will do what is just and legal. He will do what is right — not what is politically expedient.

But he needs your help. It takes $2 million to run a statewide campaign, and by this Saturday, we need to reach the half million mark. And we can do it if you join the team and give what you can. Every single dollar makes a difference and every single donor becomes part of a real effort — not just a corporate-funded exercise to maintain the political status quo.

Many of you have already unselfishly given, but I am asking all of you to pitch in and help us win this race.

Regardless of your party affiliation, if you’re sick and tired of your best interest not being represented, stand with Charlie.

I promise that you’ll never regret it.

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