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The Lowest-Paying Jobs, Ignorance, and Bovine Stress Relievers

I have a bad habit of choosing professions based on creative stimulation versus financial reward. In fact, this research data listed journalists twice in the top ten list of bad jobs in America…”bad” in the sense that these are the top ten lowest-paying professions in America. To make matters worse, restaurant server and dairy farmer are also on the list. Lord help me. If I was given to depression, I would just drop out of sight into a pit of despair. I’ve pulled many shifts slinging hash and I was raised on a dairy farm. I had no idea I was in such a desolate state. ‘Tis fortunate I’ve had such a grand time working at poor paying professions…no regrets here…fun trumps money everyday of the week.

On ignorance: We hear or read everyday about racism and hatred. I don’t have to fill you in on the international discussion. There is no need to enumerate the unfortunate incidents fueled by hatred. It is not isolated to the South, nor does one race have a monopoly on the practice thereof. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Furthermore, to make a dent in the wall that surrounds hate, we must address ignorance, because ignorance is the dirt in which hate grows. Show me a person filled with hate, and I will show you a person who is ignorant. 

So what can we do? To eradicate ignorance, those who encounter it must have the courage to call it out. Regardless of who utters the hate, the prejudice, or the racism, call it for what it is. I have discovered that the best way to do so is to ask for a rational explanation for the prejudiced opinion. That approach demands logical thinking. The result is that oftentimes, the prejudiced messenger is forced to rethink, reassess, and, with luck, retract. If the messenger digs in his or her heels, bless their hearts and let ’em dig. They’ll just get stuck where they are.

Bovine Stress Relievers…or What I Do When I Can’t Do What I’m Doing any Longer:

See ya’ next week.

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