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The Violence Breaks My Heart

The violence breaks my heart.

Boys treat girls like garbage. Playmates plot to kill a friend after a sleepover. Assailants target children  going to buy ice cream.

And these are just the headlines from this morning.

What the hell are we doing in a country that has more than any other in the world?

And don’t start the blame game with me. There is no way to single out one group, one event, or one societal change that has created this turmoil.

Pointing fingers at one another is what we have a tendency to do. And that is exactly why we do not address any problems in our country. It is why we don’t get a damn thing done in terms of improving what needs to be improved.

It has become quite vogue to criticize. It is accepted to spend more time bashing than coming together to fight. It is no wonder that the rest of the world sees us as bumbling idiots who cannot take care of our business.

And we will make no headway economically, socially, or culturally until we unite.

But for the division, I do lay blame squarely on the heads of those who profit from the rift. If I could, I would unseat all the damn politicians who run on an agenda to disrupt and invalidate. Each and every one of them who spend all of their time denouncing the opposition rather than working together to achieve a better way to do things would be looking for a real job.

I have been writing about this for a decade now. I have had my mailbox run over more times than I can remember. I have been verbally assaulted in print and in public.

But you know what? I will not stop saying it.

If we the people want anything to get better, then we must stop doing what we want the media and our celebrity-style politicians to stop doing.

We must stop hating one another and tearing one another down.

We are supposed to be the United States of America — not the Screwed Up, Disjointed States of America.

Our stupidity is overwhelming.

The violence breaks my heart.

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