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When I Was Seventeen…

…I left Jones Crossroads for the University of Georgia,  “with my feet ten feet off” the ground.

It was 1968 — the year Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were murdered.

Vietnam raged while innocence bloomed. Peaceful protests worked miracles. But violence and injustice found safe havens in hate and bigotry.

This era represents when fighting for equal rights and justice  — regardless of one’s race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or cultural origins — became not only part of my DNA but what fuels my spirit to this day.

And, here we are — 50 years later — and my son, Charlie Bailey,  is campaigning all over the state and sharing a message of equal justice and protection under the law for every Georgian.

He energized the audience at the Georgia Democratic State Convention last Saturday and brought the crowd to their feet.

Why? Because he’s authentic and he’s honest.

He means what he says and he’s doing what he’s doing for the right reasons — because he loves his state and the people who live here.

You may think this is suspect — coming from his mom. But I guarantee you, I wouldn’t be putting it in writing if I didn’t mean it.

I don’t believe it has ever been more important than it is now to elect people like Charlie.

Because today, just like 50 years ago, there are forces that threaten “freedom and justice for all.”

We  must demand that statesmanship takes precedence over showmanship.

We must expect truth and honesty to be stronger than lies and deceit.

We must accept nothing less than what is right being more important than what is politically expedient. 

So join me in helping Charlie win this fight. Please.

Order a yard sign. Because  every show of support counts.

Give to the cause. Because every single dollar counts.

Sign up to volunteer. Because every vote counts.

We can do this.

We can actually elect someone who’s in it for the right reason.

We can elect Charlie Bailey to be Georgia’s next Attorney General.

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